June 7, 2022


Where can I pay?

You pay for your ticket(s) at the Harbour Office located on Apothekersdijk no.5

This is in Leiden, so if you get on in Leiden you pay before departure and if you get on in Katwijk you can pay when you get to Leiden.

How can I pay?

You can pay by card (we only accept Maestrocards) or cash.

Can I join on another day than tuesday, wednesday or sundag?

Yes and no. We only do our taxi tours on these days. On any other day we definitely can go to Katwijk and back, but only with a big group and a private boattour. Have a look on https://www.leidserederij.nl/ or https://www.bobonboard.nl/ and ask us about the possibilities.

Is there something to drink on board?

Yes! On our 9.30 and 11.15h departure we have tea as well as coffee. Both are €1,50 per cup.

On our 13.00, 14.45, 16.30 and 18.15h departure we have soda’s on board. These are €1,50 per can.

*Drinks can only be paid in cash and in exact change.

Can I bring my dog with me?

Sure! We love dogs (especially when they’re on a leash, which is mandatory because of jumping-into-the-water-danger), so you can definitely bring them with you. And no; a dog is not a person, so you do not have to buy a ticket for the dog!

Why can I make a reservation for max 10 people?

This is so that other people have a chance to book a spot on board as well. If you want to get on with a bigger group please give us a call and we will see what’s possible!

Can I cancel my trip?

Yes! If for whatever reason you’re unable to go, we would like you to let us know. This way we can delete the reservation from our system and the captain won’t wait for people that are not coming.

By the way, canceling doesn’t actually cost you anything because you haven’t paid for you ticket yet.

Do I have to make a reservation?

Yes and no. You can walk by and hope that there’s still a spot left on board, but our taxi service is very hip and happening and is almost always completely booked. So to be sure you do have a spot on board, it’s definitely smart to make a reservation. (Also, making a reservation doesn’t actually cost you anything, so why wouldn’t you? ;))

Is there a different departure time than indicated here on the site?

No. Our boat sails from Leiden to Katwijk and after arrival it sails back within fifteen minutes (and it goes on like this all day long). The ship is therefore on it’s way all day long and cannot be in two places at the same time.